What to expect

The clinic is staffed by an Infectious Diseases Consultant, 2-3 specialist registrars in Infectious Diseases, a clinical nurse specialist and a number of staff nurses.

When you attend the clinic you will register at reception. A nurse will then check you into the clinic and you will join a queue to be reviewed by a doctor.

You will subsequently be seen by a doctor in the clinic, this will either be a Consultant in Infectious Diseases or a specialist registrar. Your doctor will take your history with you, examine you, and discuss with you the potential diagnoses and treatments.

Blood tests are done within the clinic. Further investigations such as X-rays and scans are usually organised as necessary within St. James' Hospital.

If you require a follow-up appointment this will be made before you leave the clinic. If it is ok with you a letter will be sent to your referring doctor with an update on your condition