Who should be referred to the Infectious Diseases (ID) Clinic?

Anyone with an infection or suspected infection can be referred to the ID Clinic via their General Practitioner, other doctor, or via the emergency Department. Your referral letter will be vetted by a consultant in Infectious Disease and an appropriate appointment will be given to you.

Is there a charge for attending the clinic?

There is no charge for attending the ID clinic. We appreciate any donations (no matter how small), which go towards service development and research (see the donation button to give).

Do you provide a walk-in service?

Unfortunately due to the specialised nature of the ID clinic, we can only accept referrals from another doctor. However if you feel that we can help you in any way, we would recommend that you discuss with your doctor.

How long should I expect to be in the clinic?

The ID clinic runs by appointment. For your first appointment, your initial assessment and investigations may take some time. Therefore we would recommend that you allow adequate time in your schedule so you do not feel rushed in the clinic. Follow-up visits usually take less time, but due to the busy nature of the clinic appointments may occasionally run over time.

Where do I go to get my bloods done?

Our nurses will be able to take your bloods within the ID clinic.

How long will it take to get results?

Investigations for infectious diseases can take some time. Routine bloods and tests will usually be back within a week. Tests for more unusual infections and some procedures may take longer.

Can I get travel vaccines in the ID clinic?

Unfortunately we cannot currently offer travel vaccines in the ID clinic. However if you are a patient of the clinic and require vaccinations some of these can be organised.