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Coming to see us

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ID Clinic

The clinic takes place in Hospital 5, Unit 3 St. James' Hospital on Wednesday afternoon from 2:00pm.

Our clinic is accessible by appointment only. You will need to be referred by your general practitioner or another doctor for assessment.

DayClinicStart Time
Mon AMSTI (Tickets Allocated at 8am)09:00Walk In
Mon AMFast-Track - Tickets allocated at 8am09:00Walk In
Mon PMHIV Clinic13:30 Appointment Only
Tues AMViral Hepatitis09:00 Appointment Only
Tues AMFast Track - Tickets allocated at 8.00am09:00Walk In
Tues AM"New Fill" Clinic09:30 Appointment Only
Tues PMOPAT Clinic, Suite 5 OPD13.30 Appointment Only
Tues PMSTI (Tickets Allocated at 8.00am)13:30Walk In
Tues PMViral Hepatitis Treatment Clinic14:00 Appointment Only
Wed AMHIV Clinic09:00 Appointment Only
Wed PMInfectious Diseases14:00 Appointment Only
Thurs AMPhlebotomy (Bloods) Clinic09:00 Appointment Only
Thurs AMFast Track - Tickets allocated at 8am 09:00Walk In
Thurs AMNew HIV Clinic09:30 Appointment Only
Thurs AMSTI Young Persons Clinic (20 yrs and Under)10.00 Appointment Only
Thurs PMSTI (Tickets Allocated at 8.00am) 13:30Walk In
Fri AMSTI (Appointment by Referral only)09:00 Appointment Only