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Information on Privacy and Confidentiality at GUIDe


The GUIDE clinic is committed to ensuring the privacy and
confidentiality of your personal information in line with data protection
legislation. Further information on the hospital information governance can be
found here,


As is the case in most countries, there is legislation in
Ireland which requires that certain infectious diseases be notified to Public
Health. Under our Infectious Disease Regulations, all medical practitioners, including clinical directors
of diagnostic laboratories, are required to notify specified infectious
diseases to the Medical Officer of
Health/Director of Public Health. Further information is
available at:

In line with these regulations, the GUIDE clinic has an agreement with
the local Medical Officer of Health to undertake partner notification in order to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Partner
notification is the process of providing access to specific forms of
healthcare, such as advice, testing and treatment, to sexual contacts of an
individual diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection. More information on
sexually transmitted infections is
available at:

--We are currently CLOSED for STI Walk-ins. Please note that if your GP has referred you to the GUIDe clinic you will be contacted with an appointment.  We kindly ask that you do not attend without an appointment. We are seeing a limited number of STI emergencies that have been given an advance appointment after referral. Patients who have HIV appointments for collection of their medication should attend at their appointment time. The number of patients that are allowed into the department is limited so we will be strictly observing appointment times. GUIDE PrEP patients with upcoming clinic appointments will be contacted by phone and offered a phone consultation. Patients will then be given a new “rapid” appointment slot, to attend for bloods/STI screen/vaccine and to collect prescription. Face to face consults are arranged as required. For more information related to Coronavirus and visiting restrictions please visit    --