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Coming to see us

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HIV Clinic

All HIV clinics are by appointment only. These clinics are for patients who have already tested positive for HIV. (If you want to test for HIV please refer to the STI clinics)

If you have tested positive recently your GP/Health Care Provider can forward us a referral letter and you will be booked for the new patients clinic on a Thursday am.

DayClinicStart Time
Mon AMSTI (Tickets Allocated at 8am)09:00Walk In
Mon AMFast-Track - Tickets allocated at 8am09:00Walk In
Mon PMHIV Clinic13:30 Appointment Only
Tues AMViral Hepatitis09:00 Appointment Only
Tues AMFast Track - Tickets allocated at 8.00am09:00Walk In
Tues AM"New Fill" Clinic09:30 Appointment Only
Tues PMOPAT Clinic, Suite 5 OPD13.30 Appointment Only
Tues PMSTI (Tickets Allocated at 8.00am)13:30Walk In
Tues PMViral Hepatitis Treatment Clinic14:00 Appointment Only
Wed AMHIV Clinic09:00 Appointment Only
Wed PMInfectious Diseases14:00 Appointment Only
Thurs AMPhlebotomy (Bloods) Clinic09:00 Appointment Only
Thurs AMFast Track - Tickets allocated at 8am 09:00Walk In
Thurs AMNew HIV Clinic09:30 Appointment Only
Thurs AMSTI Young Persons Clinic (20 yrs and Under)10.00 Appointment Only
Thurs PMSTI (Tickets Allocated at 8.00am) 13:30Walk In
Fri AMSTI (Appointment by Referral only)09:00 Appointment Only